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Bees building comb under frames.

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Due to a bad design choice/oversight, there is a 1-1.5" "space" between the frames and the screened bottom board. Seems my new bees are building crosscomb in this space, across the bottoms of the frames.

To fix, I'd have to remove the deep super, and make a quick modification to the bottom board, and then scrape all of the crosscomb off (which probably contains brood).

Or, I can leave it in place and deal with it later.

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What kind of foundation are you using, are you using Duragilt foundation???. Alot of ppl including myself has had issues with Duragilt foundation lately and if you try to fix it they will go right back and do it again! I left it as is after finding it double combed 3 times in a row. But when it comes time for the 2nd deep i got different foundation thats for sure!
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