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Hi all,
I am a first time bee keeper. Super excited (and so is my son). I did a decent amount of research and felt pretty ready. Ordered my bees and got a mentor. Alas.... My bees arrive on Saturday (I need to pick them up) and there is slated to be a 10 inch snow storm on the pick up date?!?! Just my luck. Looking for advice on how to handle it.

I live in Denver and snow storm on Saturday, 50 degrees and sunny on Sunday, and 55 degrees and sunny on Monday. It seems that installing my bees during a snow storm is a bad idea. What is the recommended approach?

Can i keep them in the package (isn't a nuc)?
Should I get a heater and keep them warm in the garage?
Should I try to install them in the snow (doubt it)?

Any advice or recommendations is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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