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Bees are two-steping on the front pourch!!

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I was going to post this question last night, but I don't need to anymore. I caught a swarm @2 months ago and all has gone reasonably well UNTIL. I had to go to Washington DC for two weeks. I got back yesterday and noticed a couple hundred bees Two stepping (for lack of a better word) on the entrance board! With their head down they would take a few steps forward and then backward.... So I planed to inspect today BUT I was too late. now there is a basketball sized cluster @100' up in an oak tree just behind the hive. I set out another hive body and baited it with lemongrass oil... now i'm crossing my fingers.
was anyone seen this behavior, and is it related to swarming?... At least I don't have to requeen this hive, as they should have a new queen now...right. When should I inspect after swarming???
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I had one doing that this year while the others were working hard. I put a pollin pattie the next day they were working hard. Don't know if the pollin pattie helped or not. They had been washboarding for @ two week pryor.
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