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bees all gone

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Hived a cut out the other day the next day all the bees are gone they even left the comb with open and sealed brood there where four large pieces
I used rubber bands to hold them in he frames. there where a lot of bees they covered at least 5 maybe 6 frames now they are just gone where did they go? why did they go?
johns bees
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Did you see the queen when you transferred them to a hive?
Bees are bees and they will do as they please! This is the main reason I tell everyone to make sure they get paid for their services. It still 'stings' when they abscond, but not as badly if you have some money in your pocket. Some cut-outs go perfectly, and you just "know" you have a new colony....yet they abscond. Some don't go so well, and you have little hope....yet they stay. As I said at the beginning...Bees are bees and they will do as they please! Where did they go? Someplace within about a 5 mile radius. You can take a nice walk this evening and see if you see a swarm...not likely though. Sorry.
You can try putting a queen excluder under the bottom box and on on the bottom board to keep the queen in. This sometomes helps hold them in place for next time.

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