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Hello everyone, hope your season is going as well as mine.

This is my first season with a sizeable harvest, (after 5 years of tearing my stuff to pieces for bee production) around 700 pounds out of 4 colonies, the other 9 colonies, so far, are wait and see, another 30 days or so.

When I used to go for honey instead of nucs and queens, I usually only pulled a couple hundred pounds off and that old Little Wonder 4 frame tangential did ok, well, fair lets say. This time though I can see myself dieing from loading, cranking, reversing 4 at a time.

I've seen the Dadant power 6 frame radial with the "optional" baskets for deeps, very rarely do I harvest from deeps, only if I have nothing left for myself or they have too much extra food left over, dont like the taste from brood frames.

The Maxant 3100 does up to 9 shallow/meds/deeps in combo: 6 shal/med radially and 3 whatever size tangential at the same time. Makes sence to me and no other baskets needed.

If I've got this right, I could extract 6 meds and 3 more (or whatever size) at a time but have to flip the 3 for the other side, guess you would do that when you pull and reload the 6 and get the 3 out on the next pull of 6.

Am I correct here?

After searching all over the place, so far the Maxant looks like the best value for the money and handles the largest load without additional accessories and changeout time.

I'm wondering how well that little motor holds up and that wire basket too.

Thanks for your input guys and gals
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