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beekeeping wirlygig

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recently watched the Woodrights Shop and was wondering if anyone has ever seen a beekeeping wirlygig. I thiught it might be fun to try to make one. I'm thinking of two scenes one with a beekeeper supering a hive and the other part an extractor spinning. Ideas? Input?

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I have seen a few of them around. In fact my mentor, who is a wood craftsman, made his. He probably will make and sell them if there is a market.
Please explain this item if possible? When I hear of a beekeeping wirlygig I think of an extractor.
a wirlygig is a wind vane that has some whimsical action. example a man choping wood where the movment is made by wind power.
I always thought a wirlygig was a term like a watchamacullit. Never realized it was an actual item.:doh: I just called those things wind vanes!:D
Yep, I just learned something today. Guess I'm too southern to know what that was.
Arms flailing around his head? Kidding. Could be leaning over a hive with smoker...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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