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We chat with James Rogers from Japan about how he keeps bees and how he battles the large Japanese hornets. Wow we think wasps are bad in New Zealand, you should hear about these guys....

You can listen to the show here:-
Beekeeping in Japan with James Rogers

Here's What You'll Learn:-

  • How to keep Japanese hornets out of beehives
  • Why Japanese beekeepers prefer to keep European Honey bees
  • What kind of orchid attracts Bees.
  • How the Hornets are killed by the Japenses Honey bees
  • Eighty people a year die in Japan from Hornet attacks
  • What part of America was James from?
  • What famous American beekeeper lives nears James parents house.
  • What is the main necter source in Japan

What did you think of this chat? Do you have a hornet type pest in you area?


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