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Beekeeping Businessmen or Businessmen who keep bees?

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I met and chatted w/ a Branding Expert. He has worked for some pretty well known customers. Names you would recognize. He got me thinking about some stuff.

I have 600 colonies and package and distribute 30,000 lbs of honey across Northern NY from the St. Lawrence Seaway to the other side of The Northway (Rt. 87) overlooking Lake Champlain. Just to give you a rough idea about my area and what I do. I migrate south for the winter and pollinate apples in NY in the spring. have done so for the last 20 years.

So, am I just dabbling at business? Is my "business" just a hobby on steroids? My business w/ the hard to say and harder to understand name? Try saying "Hello, this is Mark from Squeak Creek Apiaries. Do you need any honey this week?" and see how many times you get a "Huh?" in response.

So, you beekeepers who are running lots of colonies, are you beekeeping business persons or business persons who keep bees? What kind of business background do you have? Do you know who your competition is and do things differently because of that knowledge? Do you want to be on the NY Stock Exchange?
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Perhaps the term BEEKEEPING makes our business sound like jokes to most "outsiders". To start accessing loan in my neck of the woods we now refer to ourselves as BEE-FARMERS instead, which in itself is a weird term since the bees does all the work.However whatever we chose to call ourselves,we will prevail.
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