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I've always heard that in today's world, the product you make/produce is not what will make or break you. It is the management decisions that will determine your business success.

My Aunt's ex-husband has a PhD in entomology, specializing in honeybees. He probably has forgotten more about bees than I know. He has taught at universities for years. He even tried being a small commercial beekeeper for 4 years in South Dakota - he bought a guy's operation running 400 hives. He only lasted for 4 years because he went belly up. You can be the best beekeeper in the world, but without business sense, you won't make it.

If you have business sense, it doesn't matter what business you get into - you will do all right.

I have no college education. I was raised poor, and developed a hunger to succeed. My background is in eBaying, grain farming, heirloom vegetable seed production, etc....and growing into beekeeping.
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