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I started a beekeeping blog called the Daily Guide to Beekeeping. I started this blog for a variety of reasons: 1) I wanted to inform new beekeepers, 2)I have a science background, so i wanted to write developments in honey bee research, 3)I wanted to provide management information, 4) I wanted to promote discussions on honey bee based topics, and 5) I wanted to share my experiences, pictures and thoughts as a member of the Bee Informed Partnership, an organization that works with commercial beekeepers. I have several posts now and I am willing to chat about various topics.

Follow the link to my blog post:

My instagram is:

twitter is:

I also have a facebook group, which is a safe place for discussions on honeybees!

I hope you enjoy the blog. I really enjoy the posts I make, and I hope I can help beekeepers across the world.

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