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Beekeepers in the Lilac Parade Rochester NY 5/15/10

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Now's your chance to wear your beesuit in a parade!

The website even has a photograph of a bee on a flower for the parade info:

If you love beekeeping & bees this is your big chance to show it & show the
general public what kind of people work with bees. Maybe people will be inclined
to call a beekeeper rather than an exterminator when they see a swarm. Maybe
when people see us in the parade, they will think, "maybe I can try beekeeping".

The Lilac Parade is Saturday May 15; Line-up starts about 8:30a

Decorations: Theme will be POLLINATION, bees, lilacs, honey,
flowers, etc.
Placards, signs, banner;,a
small trailer will have hay bales for seating & display

Outfits: Bee suits, jackets, yellow & black stripe clothing, etc

Liability waiver is required

Contact me by message for more info.