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Hello, I'm making a web application to keep apiary records. It is currently in its first pre-alpha version. I know there are similar apps, but they don't have everything I was planning to do. I'm also thinking of an international app name, so if you have any ideas, feel free to write. I meant beefarm but there is already a company or store with that name and I wish it was unique. Any suggestions are welcome.

You can currently find the application at (Croatian name for beekeeper).

For now, the app has options such as setting up a location for the apiary.

Quick access to the apiary, beehive or nucleus via qr code (barcode) and notes for apiaries, beehives, nucleuses, queens and swarms. Taking quick notes by Speech to text technology - currently only on Chrome browsers)

I thought to incorporate the following options into the application:

Notifications for notes
Calendar with built-in notifications to help beekeepers remind them what to do this month or week.
Warning that there are too many hives in the specified location.
Warning that the disease is spreading at the specified location.
Display of good apiary placement locations and what honey is expected at that location
Native mobile apps
Cooperation among beekeepers
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