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Beehives in Kentucky how to check ?

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We have had a really bad winter here with temps that when into the single digit for about 12 nights in a row. Today it's almost 40 degrees and looking at my 6 hives I am worried.
I haven't seen a many dead bees when I pull the screens on the bottom boards. Just a few every few weeks. However I'm not hearing any buzzing sounds. Are they just holding a tight bunched up group and being quiet. I had the hives wrapped for the winter, just in case it got really cold. I have a headache thinking about it.
Should I just wait it out ? I placed 2 orders for packaged bees already to start 2 new hives. However I am thinking I may need to place an order for more. OH my head hurts ! This will be my 3rd summer with the bees, I thought I was getting smarter, guess not. :s
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You're getting smarter, you're in your third year! :thumbsup:
Watch the landing board, see what's going on there.
Get an inexpensive stethoscope, and listen to all four sides of the hive.
On a nice day, pop the covers and take a look, but be sure it's over 50, and don't pull frames. Just look down in (I'd wear a veil just in case!).
They will surprise you!
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