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Bee Vac project completed.

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Went out with my son to do the extraction on the hive of bees. It went very fast and was pretty much done in 35 minutes, start to finish.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep that super soft, snow-white comb, so I took two frames of mostly honey/nectar and two frames of mostly brood, capped brood, larva and used these four frames as anchor points for the bees.

I put an entrance reducer on until they can get adjusted to their new surroundings.

These bees would have absolutely perished as they were building all of their comb on the underside of the eave of a house. They would have built up huge combs through the summer and then lost everything when winter set in. I'm glad I could help them out with a new home.

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Not sure. Didn't see her but I got most of the bees and this was as small colony. However, the bees got really good at hiding in the cracks of the siding along the edge of the roof. Her majesty could have been hiding there.

I'll know in a few days.
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