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I had some interest in sending pics of my bee vac that I built, so here it is.


Components of bee vac box.


Front assembled. Notice the suction regulator on the front of the vac.


Back assembled.


Vacuum hooks to 1 1/2" opening on back top. Bee vac hose inserts into the 1 1/2" opening on front bottom (once stainless steel screen is rotated out of the way). After the vac process is complete, remove the hose (while vac is still running and rotate SS screen shut and remove the upper section of the vac box to expose the screened top. This allows plenty of ventillation throughout the vac box.
Once back to the apiary, set new hive body with frames and brood (from the cutput) on top and pull the screen panel back slightly. The next day remove vac box and set hive on bottom board.
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