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Bee Tree

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My brother has an oak tree with bees in it. The problem is they are about 25 feet up in the tree. A wind storm blew the top out of the tree last fall so now he is going to have the tree cut down.

My question to someone that has experience with getting bees out of a tree is, could I attach a 10 frame deep to the tree attached to the hole in the tree and force the bees to go through the deep to get out. If I put a drawn frame and some empty frames in the box will the bees move into the deep? How long would it take to get the queen to move into the deep? Should I just wait until the tree is cut and then get the bees when the tree is on the ground? Last year I tried on another tree to trap the bees out useing a cone made out of window screen. I got the bees out of the tree but not into the box I had by the cone.

Thanks for looking
Dave the fire guy
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If you can get the tree lowered carefully when cut you're better off doing a cut-out but in my experience anytime they fall very far the comb collapses and high probability of killing the queen. You can do a trap-out but I don't like trap-outs from a ladder.
good will need it ...very difficult job....getting the queen out alive is a big problem
Put Cleo Hogan's Swarm Harvester into Google. Cleo has it figured out. I would agree that you need to let the tree down easily to keep from destroying the Comb and upsetting the Bee's.
There is a few options. I have done both. Do the trap out like you did last time. This time make sure you get a frame with 1-3 day old eggs. When you set the cone up and the bees beard on the cone scoop them into the box that you set right by the exit of the cone. This will let them know there are eggs in there. They will produce a queen cell very soon. Check in a week. It takes anywhere from 6-9 weeks to get all the bees out. You could set a feeder there also. I am going to do this next time.

The other option is to cut down the tree. What I did was cut the tree down and lit both ends to draw them all out. Set the box by the whole where they exit and they will go into the box. Make sure you keep an eye out for the bees to our out. There are other ways but I have done these to successfully. I have 2 awesome hives that came from trees. They are wonderful bees.
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