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This weekend I'm planning to do a screen cone trap out from a large tree with a knothole entrance about 10' up. It's a big hardwood with no branches till 20'. This is my first ever trap out.

1. I have a deep rigged up as a trap with a 3' board attached vertically to the side of it. The part of the board sticking above the deep will be screwed to the tree. Should I also strap the deep to the tree or build a platform under it for better support?

2. Assuming the trap out is a success, am I fooling myself thinking that I will be able to shoulder the trap box and carry it down a ladder?

3. The day after I set it up I will put a frame of uncapped brood in the trap. It will be a 15 minute drive from my bee yard to the trap out location. Do I need to be concerned about keeping the brood warm for that time?

4. If I don't get the queen can I encourage the bees to make a queen with a frame of eggs once I have them back at my bee yard?

Thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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