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Just finished a trap out from a house. Entrance was about 8 feet up. Built a platform with 2X4s screwed to side of house (with homeowner's permission). Trap hive was an 8 frame deep with bottom attached to deep.
1. Suggest platform to hold hive.
2. My 8 frame was heavy and difficult to get down a ladder so a 10 frame deep may weigh 80 lbs depending on how long you leave them, brood, comb, honey, etc. (I put a frame with a queen cell and capped brood with nurse bees in the trap hive to get genetics from that area which is about 20 miles from my yard so it was almost full of bees when I took it down about 3 weeks after adding the QC. It weighed at least 40 lbs).
3. I left nurse bees on my frame of larva because of the QC. There shouldn't be any fighting and the nurse bees will keep the brood warm.
4. If you have eggs or larva less than 3 days old on the frame you put in the trap hive in 3. they should make a queen from that.
Good luck with the trap out!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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