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Bee swarm question

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I caught a swarm from one of my hives and placed them in a deep and left them near the hive they came out of. In two day they were gone and i believe they drifted back to the hive they came out of because I had a lot of bees at the home hive. Well they swarmed again and this time after catching them I took them to a different location about five miles away and they have setteld down and working good. My question is how long do I leave them there before bring them back to my bee yard ?
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Once the queen starts laying you can move them. I'd say about a week if it's on undrawn foundation. The one thing I do to ensure a swarm stays put is to get a frame from another hive with eggs or larva and put it in the swarm box. I've never had a swarm leave larva. It also gives them a population boost during the 3 weeks they normally don't have any new brood emerging.
D nailed it on the head...a frame of brood without the bees placed in the hive will help them stay put.

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