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Bee swarm in middle of national park?

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A park ranger recently contacted me about a honeybee infestation in a cabin in a national park.

I've verified it by picture. There were only a few bees near the entrance, but they were definitely honeybees.

It's beyond me how honeybees could have ended up in this location. According to this ranger, the nearest farmers are 7km away, outside of the park, and it's not even known if any are actually keeping bees.

Even if the bees did originate with these farmers, I don't understand why the swarm would not have found a suitable home much closer.

If there was anyone keeping honeybees within the park, the ranger would know.

As an urban keeper, I note that swarms rarely range more than 1km from their source, and typically around a few hundred meters.

In Alberta, we don't have any "feral" colonies. Most unmanaged swarms don't make it through the first winter, and none make it through the second, so I discount the possibility that this colony originated from "ferals".

Perhaps my assumptions are wrong?

This one's a real puzzler.... and I'd appreciate any insight to help sort it out.

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Maybe there are feral bees living in hollow trees in the park. Those have now swarmed and found a nice cabin to move into.
"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Arthur Conan Doyle

After removal.....inquire about placing a swarm trap at the location next spring.
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