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bee sting itch

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got in some poison ivy the other week. had me up itchin one night bout 2 am. started lookin on the net for solutions. came across a tip about hot water. run hot water as hot and as long as you can stand it. said the itch would go away for 3-6 hours. worked 12 hours for me:D. got stung yesterday morning and it works for that too. hot water opens your pores and lets the histamines out. works for me:thumbsup:
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Nice tip thanks for sharing. Hopefully I will not need it in the near future :)
you can also hold a hot coffee mug up against the area as long as you can stand.
Heat is a wonderfull thing!
A product I have used for years is Tecnu. You apply it prior to being exposed then it comes with a washing solution after exposure. Check out this link
I got stung yesterday. Second sting for me. Burns at the time but within minutes, the pain goes away. However, I have a welt that comes up much like a mosquito bite that itches like crazy.

Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to start up the hot water right away.
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