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Bee starvation

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I read a lot about bees starving to death when they run out of stores or won't move off brood to access stores.

If a bee is without food how long does it take it to starve to death?
If it is without food and food becomes available will it take that food and if so will it fully recover?
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On brood I know it can be as little as overnight. You can guess how I know. They can chill enough to not move and recover when warmed up, that does not seem to happen when they are on brood. Guess it is like running a horse to death then.
If bees don't have a couple frames of capped food stores, I feed them til they do. Bees are too expensive to take chances with plus I personally think it inhumane to let animals starve. I like my bees and will gladly lose style points to keep them alive.
I agree. My post wasn't to see if I could just stay ahead of starving them. I was interested to know what their reserve and metabolic limits are.

Today I got into some of my hives and cleaned out leftover hard sugar. I won' t get syrup on board until tomorrow or Wed. Each hive still has lots of honey stores and has evidence of putting up new nectar and pollen.
When the last drop on stores are consumed how long do they have left? with brood overnight, how about no brood?

Once the hungry bee goes head first into the empty cell is it doomed? How will it know if the beek feeds them?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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