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Bee space for Layens hive?

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Hi, I'm thinking about building some horizontal Layens hives. I was looking over the free plans at horizontal and unless I'm figuring my math wrong there's 3/4 of an inch of bee space between the hive Flore and frame bottoms. I'm new to bees but everything else I've read has said to go 1/4-3/8. Anyone have any experience with Layens hives and know why there built with a larger bee space?(unless my math is wrong which is possible)
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FYI - the under-frame space is not really bee space - it is functionally different.
To realize this, you need to work with the deep hives and observe for yourself (Layens is one such example).

This has been discussed to the death already.
Even here:
Thanks for the link and explanation. I'm new to bees and trying to learn as much as I can. I searched for a while before I posted but I wasn't asking Google the right way.

Look at the picture of the Polish hive here and see how the under-frame/under-comb space is irrelevant in the bee-space discussion:

Issues with under-frame space originate from excessively shallow hives (Lang is one such case).
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