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so... if a brood frame has around 7000 cells, and there are 10 frames, thats 70,000 cells capable of holding brood... now i know some of them hold pollen, nectar, and honey, but my question is if you start with a package, and 10 totally empty frames (dont include feeders, etc... this is an theoretical question) how fast would a brood box fill, how fast to fill another, and how fast when you add a super... (i know it depends on the food locally,) but if all variables are nice and happy, i am just wondering if i should plan on a second brooder this summer, this year, next year... do you usually get enough for a super in the fall?

if a queen averages 1000 eggs a day, in two months the brooder should be almost full... does the queen take vacation? do the bees have a high mortality rate on the evil outside world?

these are my thoughts after my brain fried today and it's 1am..

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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