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I have a lady around 20 miles east of Austin, Texas with bees in her water meter. Four of the seven beekeepers she contacted told her they HAD to be Africanized bees and she HAD to destroy them. She just has no choice in the matter.

I have removed 5 nests from water meters in the last year and while a couple have not made it, a couple are good, gentle hives after a year. I have not had Africianized bees from water meters. (MY experience only, and I am only 70 miles east of Austin.)

Three questions:
1) What "rule" is there that says European Honey Bees don't take up residence in water meters?
2) Is anyone near Austin interested in removing these? She is willing to pay a little bit "for gas" and this should be a real easy one.
3) Am I posting this at the right place or do we have a better place to post requests or notices for bee removals? I know we have a place to post if you WANT to REMOVE bees, but is there a place to post bees that are available for removal?

If you are interested in these bees, please PM me.

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