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Did a bee removal in Cocoa, FL yesterday at a business. Bees were behind the wall and were stinging people in the shop. The owner wanted the hive taken out. I opened up the wall (plywood) and found a queenless hive with dwindling supplies, not many bees, and no emergency queen cells, eggs or larvae. I set up a nuc box outside the window (with some drawn frames and lemon grass oil) where they were coming into the hive but they wouldn't go into it. I removed the comb (had wax moth larvae in it), sprayed Bee Quick, sealed up the wall and their entry into the hive and left.

I'll swing by today to see if there aren't some stragglers that I can bring back to the beeyard to combine with another hive.

Tire shop bee hive.jpg

Tire shop beehive removal.jpg
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