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Bee Pupa at Entrance

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Just checked my hives and found one that had a pupa at the entrance. Looked like a worker was trying to drag it back in but finally gave up. It's been raining hard but the temp is around 85 degrees. Any thoughts or insight?
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Check their stores...they could be starving. If they are they will start to eat the brood.
This hive is doing great and I just added another super because they were filling it so fast. Thats why I can't figure out why the pupa was at the entrance. It was one single pupa so maybe it just was a freak incident?
Could be. I've found just one here and there. I think bees are like many animals in that they "know" when something is wrong with their young, and get rid of it.
If it isn't cause they are starving then it's a good hygienic behavior. Like Monie suggested sometimes they know better.
if they are not starving could be chill brood? or just a bad one?
Don't know how deep you went into the hive before you added the super, but is it possible that you might have damaged a capped cell on a frame? Could have been inadvertent but would explain the behavior.
I like standmans answer!!!

I would say that these bees were removing brood
that you have damaged during the open hive visit.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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