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Bee poop?

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I noticed a lot of brownish, greenish spots on the front of my hive just above the entrance. Anyone know what it is? I just started keeping bees a couple of months ago, so it's all new to me. I'm also wondering what to do with frames of contaminated honey. I bought two hives that had a super of honey on each. On inspection I found strips in both hives. Yesterday, I saw that some of the frames were empty, but I also saw some frames of honey that were uncapped. When do I take them out and can I store them for feed at another time? Also, after hearing Michael and Dennis speak at our local bee school I converted both hives to top bar hives, one of which is big enough to fit regular frames. I have most of the frames of honey in that hive, but I stil have extras stored in a garbage bag. Thanks in advance for any help
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Apistan. As far as the strength of the colony; I'm not sure because I'm new to this. I moved the bees into the TTBH yesterday and there were 10 frames full of bees. The super of honey was full of bees also. I moved them around 1pm and it was a beautiful day here so I think a lot of the bees would be out of the hive.

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That is a strong hive for sure.

If you are concerned about honey contaminated with Apistan then I wouldn't feed is back. Just my opinion.

If this poo continues you may want to disect a bee or two and check for nosema under a scope. Or treat with fumigillin b right now.
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