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bee pollen

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i have a couple of week hives . i dont have any strong hive to steel from . i would like to help my bees by buying some bee pollen . if i buy it off the internet from some hole sale suppler not locally will this hurt the bees digestive system. or does it matter as long as it is bee pollen. I've even seen it in 11 pounds buckets for horses. and here . any thoughts???
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There is plenty of pollen out there. Beekeepers "helping" bees is the bees' number one problem... now in the fall it might actually be helpful if the fall flow fails...
Are they bringing it in? I know as I watch mine, they come in all day long with leg fulls to drop off, haha. If they're bringing it in, I would suppose they have that covered. I'm a total newb though.
thats the thing my hive is real week and im not seeing much to none of pollen, decent amount of nectar tho . so i cant under stand how i can get more bees to be born if there not being feed right ??
You have weak hives that have not had the chance to build up to sustainibility yet. You live in an area that is not having any kind of pollen flow right now. Get the pollen, you can't raise healthy bees without it.
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