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Bee Plus Pro Patties

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How long to feed Mann Bee Plus Pro Patties to your new "girls" in a new hive ? Mine are still devouring my patties. These three hives are newly installed from captured swarms and a nuke hive. They are coming along like gangbusters. The nuke hive is bursting with bees and activities. The other two are doing fine, but they went thru a pretty tough capture, and the brood and comb had to be fitted to the bars with rubber bands. They are doing fine, even though they had a tougher start.

I have plenty of bee plus pro patties to feed, just keep it on as long as they consume it? Our biggest flow is just about to start, the Chinese tallow trees are all in full bloom, and there are plenty here.

While I'm on feeding, do you keep feeding syrup to new bees as long as they need it ? I'd rather have it available for them, and if they don't want/need it, that's their call.

Thanks and let me know your info/thoughts on this and I appreciate each and every one of you.