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Bee Paralysis, Varroa and unknown viruses?

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I’ve been noticing lots of bees walking on the ground outside the hives unable to fly. What I’ve read is that this behavior is considered bee paralysis most likely caused by varroa mites spreading viruses. This is a first year hive and I have not treated the hives for mites yet but I know they need to be treated.
My questions:
Is this behavior bee paralysis? If so is there a way to figure out what type of virus(s) are affecting the hives and in addition to treating for mites is there anything additional things I could do for the bees on the ground?
One more question: I’ve read Oxalic Acid is the most effective way to treat mites. Is this the consensus or are there less toxic ways to treat the mites?
Thanks much for the help,
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Kate, Apivar strips are the most effective way of treating a hive. OAV is a safe and natural alternative that performs almost equally as well when applied properly. Oxalic acid is not a toxic chemical, unless you happen to be a varroa mite, it is found in a huge number of foods we eat. Of course any substance can cause one harm, including water, if used incorrectly and without proper precautions.
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