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Bee Packages near Madison Wisconsin

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Hi All,
Anyone from Wisconsin know anyone else besides Dadant that sells bee packages near (3 hr travel time or less round trip) Madison? I've already ordered 2 packages from Dadant, but I'm curious if there are other sellers near by.

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click here and page down to Wisconsin

Lapp's bee supply in Reeseville-approximately 60 miles from you

Contact some of the beekeeping groups in your area since they usually get together when ordering packages and/or nucs

I've got packages and nucs for sale april-may 2010
Depends on your definition of close. John K and Sherri (Honey glow farms), here on the forum, are about 190 miles from Madison.
The packages you get from Lee at Dadants are the best in the area. 2 lbs means a min of 2lbs. Lots of people selling out there but Lee has it down with delivery and real size.
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