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bee math problem

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split hive on april 30th, saw queens cells on may 7th, went today may 13th to take queen cells and make more mating nucs and all of them seem to have been tore down. What did i do wrong with the math ? thank you for the help. ps hope there is a queen in there lol
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I'm not sure that I understand your question, but my math adds up OK. If I understand you correctly, you did a split and the new queenless hive made new queen cells, which are all gone now. Right?

Well, a new queen can be made from a larva that is 4 days old or younger, so if a larva is four days old, this would put it at day 7 of a 16 day process. A new queen could have emerged by May 9th. This new queen would most likely have destroyed the other cells in the hive. So, although it looks like you missed out on some free queens, the good new is that there is most likely a new queen in there. I would leave the hive alone for two more weeks, then check for eggs/brood.

Good luck,

Chris Harvey--Teakwood Organics
That's what i was kinda guessing at .Thank you for the help. Just when you think you got it , you really don't lol Thanks again
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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