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Bee Killers....Part II

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Talked with our TN State Apiarist, Mike Studar on Thursday. He came by my house. One topic I wanted an answer was laws on killing bees.

The only law on the books is the original one in the laws governing beekeeping. It is against the law to kill someone's bees/apiary. This doesn't include in trees or structures.

Nucience bees, bees that are where you don't want them can be killed. We are talking about bees on your own property.

Killing bees on someone else's property that are not in what is defined as an apiary without permission falls under normal laws of destroying personal property. (Which was the case of someone killing a hive located in an old locust tree that I was to trap out at the request of the property owner.)

Knowingly or unknowingly killing bees in apiaries by disregarding directions on using pesticides by a neighbor is against the law.

That pretty much sums it up. So those who say that killing any/all honey bees is illegal (at least in TN) is not factual. If pest control companies want to say it's illegal so they don't have to
kill honey bees while not factual, is commendable to me.
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