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My hive is on the side of my house along a walk way. When I need to use the walkway and the bees are out, it can be a hassle walking back and forth through a cloud of bees.

So in an effort to get the bees to fly in and out of the hive several feet above head level, I had this idea to attach some PVC piping to a hive shim that just happens to have either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch hole in the center. (The shim would set just above the bottom brood box. )

I'd run the pipe out the front hole in the shim a few inches, and then upward towards the roof of my house. I'd get an adapter and enlarge the pipe as it went up about 4-5 feet to the roof. I'd close off the main front entrance of the hive of coarse so the bees would be forced to use the pipe as an entry/exit. I'd also add some sort of ventilation cap on the top of the pipe so water won't run down it when it rains.

If this worked and kept the bees flying over my house, I could add another hive or 2 using this method.

Would something like this be effective for an outdoor hive?

I saw a similar indoor set up at the San Diego Zoo. They have an indoor observation hive, and there is a small clear pipe like connection that runs from the hive to outside the back of the building where visitors of the zoo do not have access to.
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