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Bee Castle in Taylorvill Il. ?

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I am looking for some information on the Bee Castle in Taylorville Illinois?:scratch:
Is it open for viewing?
I would like to check it out in June on our way to Pa.
Thank you for any help.:applause:
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Here you go ....
Every year in Taylorville, IL (central Illinois), the Christian County Historical Society holds a Persimmon Party. This year, the 24th such party is being held November 15-16, 2008 (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM). It is held on the Christian County Historical Society & Museum Grounds.
There are free samples of persimmon foods to sample at the tasting table. You can purchase various persimmon foods as well as buy frozen persimmon pulp (1 cup containers for $3.50).

The 1989 award-winning cookbook of 137 recipes entitled, "Persimmons" is also available at the Persimmon Party. This cookbook was compiled by the late
Mary Ann Durbin and Pearl Luttrell and at one time was sold all over the country. If you can't make the Persimmon Party, you can also purchase the cookbook via mailorder ($8.00 shipped) from the mailing address below. There will also be barbecue, honey, and other items. Donations will support the museum.

The Historical Society property was once a 700-acre farm. It now sits on about an acre at the intersection of Route 29 and Route 48 in Taylorville. The property contains eight buildings. These buildings include a "bee castle" which is a a unique apiary from 1880. The Bee Castle consists of a building with slats for bee entry (color coordinated). Inside, square bee frames were lined up by the slats and there was a central aisle on the brick floor on which to walk. There is also a one-room schoolhouse from 1856, and the first Christian County Courthouse - a place where Abraham Lincoln once practiced law. Lodging is available near the property. For more information you may contact :

Christian County Historical Society
Post Office Box 254,
Taylorville, IL 62568

or call:

(217) 824-6922 (open 3 days a week: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM). You can also leave a message.

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