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Bee Bus

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Has anyone seen or used the new plastic package containers. They are called Bee Bus
and our Nature Center received 80 packages on May 7th housed in these.

They are white plastic with a plastic cover over the syrup can and queen cage.
The cover can be removed exposing the queen cage without releasing bees.
Makes for a quick and easy inspection to see if the queen is still alive.

The whole front of the box unsnaps so you can pour the package into the hive.
No trying to shake the bees through a small hole. The whole bunch pretty much
just slides right out.

The containers also clip together for transportation.


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Bee-Bus has a website, here:

Beesource member gmcharlie developed Bee-Bus.
Looks nice but what kind of crazy fail stories can we have with these..Non.. ill miss the good ole tales of shake dump and bump fail stories.
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