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Hi all,
First I'd like to say what a great site I've found this to be, full of useful information and helpful people. :thumbsup:

I'm a retiring software engineer; returning to beekeeping after an absence of many years. I used to keep 12-20 hives in Washington state before the mites arrived.

Currently living in N. CA., I got "the bug" again last year; a pretty bad case of it. I've had to do a lot of reading to try and understand the issues behind CCD: viruses spread by mites, protein deficient diets due to a lack of bio-diversity, etc. I've also waded through a lot of the discussion on the Internet regarding various treatments and their long range impact on the ability of the bees to survive.

Having purchased 6 colonies last year, I'm looking to overwinter 60 this year, having purchased an additional 20 packages in April, plus splits, swarms and other acquisitions. If all goes reasonably well with the girls this winter, and if I can find someone to perhaps act as a broker, I hope to place them in almonds for 2011.

Al and Claudia
Topaz Honey Farms
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