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bee blower

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With 30 hives now, I'm thinking seriously about moving from fume boards to a bee blower. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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I have a friend that used to be a large sideliner (150 hives). He used a Stihl Backpack blower. I am planing on using my Stihl BG 85 to blow out bees. I would also like to hear what others do.

I'm curious if there's any way to use an air compressor to do this - I've got a small portable.
Air volume not pressure is key in blowing bees. Stihl back pack units work well. I use the (heavy) unit Dadant sells which is repowered with a Honda engine.
mrspock; your air compressor will work just fine for the first 9 bees then you'll run out of volume! Takes a lot of air, moving fast, to get the bees out of a super.
We have a blower on a home-made stand, with a John Deere backpack blower mounted underneath the chute that the super sits on. As far as I am concerned, it is a wimp compared to the 5 hp Chrysler engines we had in the early 70's , with "Blower Application" cast aluminum fan shrouds. We could make waves in our skin with those, bigger hose too.

i use a cheap ($25,close-out) weedeater brand 120 volt AC blower and a 700watt harbor freight inverter and my truck or tractor battery(depending on where i'm at). works good for me, less than $100 total,new. good luck,mike
I use a Rigid wet/dry shop vac with detachable blower. and small a Honda generator. The shop vac works great as a Bee Vac and the detachable blower works great for getting bees out of supers.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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