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Bee bearding is a hive phenomena that is often observed during the warmer summer months. The temperature inside the hive around the brood nest needs to be kept between 92 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is accomplished during the hot summer months in a most ingenious way.

Workers that would normally contribute their body’s warmth to the brood area in order to help maintain ideal temperature during cooler periods leave the hive and hang around on the outside. Foraging bees bring in water droplets and deposit then around the inside of the hive. Other workers inside and outside the hive create airflow by fanning their wings. This airflow causes the water droplets to evaporate, thereby cooling the hive. Voila – bee created air conditioning! This is simply amazing.

It has been hot for us the past few days. Ambient temperatures have been around 82 to 85 degrees. It's been warmer in the hive. Here is a short video of bee bearding on our hive. There are bees hanging around on the side panel. Many of the bees on the landing board are fanning their wings in order to help create airflow.

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