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Beauty Comb Pic!

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Snapped this yesterday to look at the honey super. The bees have filled out the frames and they are packed. Do you put on another box, or just switch out frames and store the honey frames? This was a package installed in April, they are doing great. And also not using a queen excluder, FYI


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Nice! On a side note.... Those bees look huge. My bees are much smaller it seems. And not doing nearly so well. I installed 2 packages in late may and they haven't even filled 1/2 of the brood box (10fr med) yet. But back to your post... I'd probably put a new super underneath this one. I'm sure you'll get several different opinions.
NICE EVEN, FAT, FULL COMB! If the bees cap that you might want to enter it in your county or state fair. If all frames or all but one look somewhat like that one, I would put another box on (same size as what that came from). I would pull one or 2 full frames up to the new box, and where they came from replace with either foundationless or frames with foundation.

BTW, is the photo of a foundationless?

Uh oh... Looks like the cell 11th down from the top and 23rd from the right hand side is about 1.38 degree crooked. Tsk, tsk, tsk...what *were* they thinking!!! :D

Nice!!! A comb like that never ceases to get my admiration.

Super! No, no I mean super. OK just super.:D
> Do you put on another box, or just switch out frames and store the honey frames?

Note that most of the cells in the frame in the photo are not capped. If you choose to remove it (and not extract) to store the frame, it would be better to wait til its capped.

Conventional advice is to add another box when 70%-80% of the frames in the existing box are drawn and in use.
Cell size calcs to 5.6-5.7 mm. There is a bit of foreshortening in the image, raising the uncertainty of the calc.
Thanks for sharing that pic. That is beautiful stuff. You've already got great advice on your question.
Thanks everyone. These frames are all full so I gotta get a super on quick. My other hive hasn't touched their super, maybe I can put that on and give me time to go buy another one.

This is with foundation, but foundation less maybe in my near future.
Yeah, you are going to need more equipment anyway.
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