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Went to Agway a few weeks ago. They were very helpful to someone who had no clue about electric fencing. The only issue I ran into were the plastic step-in posts that they sold me. I ripped PT 2x4's and pounded them into the ground behind the posts and then used zip ties to attach them together. That made them nice and strong.

The energizer they sold me has two connections, ground and fence. The two other leads coming out of it attach directly to the battery with clamps similar to jumper cables.

I also ran four wires starting at 6" above the ground going up to 4'. Pulled them all tight and attached them to plastic gate handles.

Real easy to use. The guy told me not to use barbed wire for an electric fence. Said if you have a dog they'll thank you for it the first time they get zapped and caught on the barbs.

Some say to bait the fence if bears are around as they will go for the bait and pause, possibly getting zapped a few times before backing off.

Total cost for 1/4 mile fence and the other supplies, including the 12 volt battery was just shy of $200.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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