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Battleship Texas swarms

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Two days ago a Park Ranger at the Battleship called about a swarm of bees. I went over, 10 miles, immediately but the swarm had moved into an unreachable 6" steel pipe drain. On the side of the ship not possible to mount a trap out. Stop.
Today another call another trip. This was an after swarm I suppose, about a quart of bees. I collected them in a box, brought them home and transferred them into a Nuc with some very old frames with wax and a bit of honey. The Queen flew out as my twobit queen clip fell apart. She landed within 10 feet and after waiting a bit I caught her with the repaired clip. I put her in the Nuc still in the clip with three workers. The bees followed her, I put a syrup feeder on top and things settled down. She is a very slim queen, maybe a virgin?
What to do now? When should I release her? Is this enough bees to start a nuc? Should I add a frame of brood with attached nurse bees?
Thanks for any thoughts as how to proceed.
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Swarms will either stay, or they will go. A frame of emerging brood would be a nice shot in the arm, IF you have resources to potentially sacrifice. I have hived swarms about that size, and with a nice queen, many have lived and thrived (and some have not). I have never left the queen caged beyond the first night. Release her, and let the bees decide the rest. I have also seen swarms leave the box and leave the queen behind. Bees are bees...Good luck!
If you have a frame of capped brood with adhering bees I would certainly give it too them and release the queen, the brood will be a big boost and help anchor them to the new hive as well. All my best to you.
Thanks beekeepers!
Well, got another call today for a swarm at the Battleship park. It was in a small Oak,about 8 ft off the ground in a 20 acre outdoor parade ground. With about 2000 folks watching a battle reenactment there. Some fun. Caught a 2 to 3 lb swarm. Cannon firing, drummers marching, muskets popping, fighters yelling, some show.
Anyway, boxed them up and later installed them in a old super with 10 used frames, one half filled with honey. Good day.
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