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I built up two 8 frame med traps by screwing two hive bodies together with Kreg jig screws. Top entrance screwed on and bottom screwed on.
I hung them with a board screwed to the side with a hole drilled to hang on a nail. I added Lemon grass oil and queen pheromone from Brushy Mt, Some frames with old drawn comb and filled the balance with foundationless frames. Then I hung the near an old farm house with a feral colony in the wall that made it through this past winter better than my two hives that were dead outs before Christmas. This past Monday I saw more than enough bee traffic at one that I am sure that a swarm has moved in. Had to take down one bait hive I needed the hive bodies for my packages to expand. Tonight I am going to go after dark and close the entrance with some screen. Should move it to night or wait till morning. Wait how long?
When I do I will use advice from Michael Bush web site and place some leafy branches in front of
entrance to encourage re-orientation. When should inspect this hive? I have some "house keeping" to do because the trap is not hung level. And I am sure that there may be some unwanted things in the hive like ear wicks and collapsed comb from the heat.
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