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Basswood trees start blooming in northern Illinois

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Basswood trees start blooming in northern Illinois
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Just finishing here in the middle of PA. With the rain it will probably be over by the weekend.
We are due for a good Linden (Basswood) flow. It has been 5 years?

Roland Diehnelt
Linden Apiary, est. 1852
Roland, did you get a good Linden flow this summer?
Wish I had Basswood trees around me. Years ago I had bees near the Mississippi bluff
in SE Iowa and had some big Basswoods there.
Mike in Iowa
No good flow, but enough to taint the clover flow that followed. We are WAY over due.

Did get 30 lbs a hive in one yard of Touch-me-not honey.

Crazy Roland
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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