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Bar Spacing

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I've got my top bar hive built and all of my bars cut. I used 2x6's ripped down to 1 3/8 and then cut them down at a 45 degree angle to make a nice guide. I am using an end entrance and my question is, should the first bar go right up against the front of the hive body or should a I put in a spacer? It doesn't seem like that would be enough space against the end. I know that they'll adjust for the spacing that they need, but I want to try to make sure that they start building on the guide right from the get go.
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If your bee space is correct (and if the bees like your bars :)), it should go right on the front IMO. Extra space always seems to attract trouble. Dip or rub some beeswax along the edge of a couple bars to get them started and keep an eye on how they do!
I run my bars at 1 3/8 and I have few issues with them directly against the end or followers.
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