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I inspected one of my hives this weekend. It was aggressive with bees spilling out, all over me, etc... and difficult to settle down. There almost no brood, no eggs, and no queen cells. The queen was being balled by young bees native to the hive (I think). To be safe, I placed her alone in a cage. There were no other queens present. I enclosed her cage in a larger container with a sugar water pad and added a few young bees to feed her through her cage. I reintroduced her corked cage later that night.

Today, 3 days later, I released the queen back into the upper box of the hive which seemed slightly less aggressive. This hive was still really hot. I was unable to get a good view of how the queen was accepted; she disappeared quickly.

As I went through the hive, inspection of it caused a robbing frenzy on several of my nucs. I am wondering if this hive has been the source of my robbing this summer.

I was planning on checking the queen's status this weekend. But am wondering if this behavior and pattern suggests a failing queen and should I just re queen this hive? Perhaps cut it down into 2 hives? Please lend me your thoughts.

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