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bait hive

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went to rebait today opened the box and saw a worker then out of nowhere i had a what looked like a queen crawl up my hand my question is will the queen come in by herself then the swarm i just dont know 3 weeks ago same spot same trap caught a swarm but a queen by herself is just strange thanks for the help
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A queen will never be by herself. She is always surrounded by her daughters (or drones mating) whether in flight or "crawling around".
i just went out and got the trap and she is still there i wish i new how to upload off my phone to show you a pic shes pretty maby put her in a nuc with some brood and bees and see what happens
Weird. If you can upload the photo that would be great. Maybe somehow it is a queen that got lost on a mating flight?
what can i do with her put her in a nuc with a frame of brood and bees and a frame of honey
Something similiar happened to me last week. I checked on about a half dozen hives. Drove up to the next few hives, and when i came back to my truck there was a big fat queen chilling out on the back of my seat. I never did find out which hive she came from. Queens are clumsy, ive spotted many of them crawling on the ground after inspections. Perhaps you had a swarm come and then leave and one of the virgins was left behind.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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