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After roughly a month of very nice and sunny weather, we are three days into a period of bad weather, with another 10 days, give or take, predicted. We might even get some snow. I know I'm not the only one facing this right now. My only hope is the additional moisture might trigger a second bloom. Crazy year.

Anyway, there may now be certain problems to deal with:

1) Swarm pressure. A few hives will probably want to swarm after such an extended period, even though I've already made some splits. Is there any way to prevent this? More splits during the rainy period? I wonder if lower temps (mostly low 47-55 F for the highs) and heavy rains might make working the hives not advisable.

2) Splits that have been made--some may have virgin queens right about now. So, this probably prevents mating. How long is that mating window? 10 days? It's not just the bad weather but the low temps as well, no where near the magic 69 F (or so I've read). Is there anyway to handle this? Or start with the grafts hopefully timed to be ready when warm temps return?

Anything else to be ready for?

I hope those of you who perhaps struggle with this a lot (I'm looking at you, Oregon and Washington) might have some great methods or tricks.

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