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Bad sting reaction...

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learn from my experiences! Don't work in the sun all day, have a couple of beers with supper and then go out on a swarm call at dark.
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It only took me once to learn not to mess with bees after dark. So don't feel alone.
Been there done that. Not only did I not learn from your experiance, I didn't learn from mine either.:D
So what exactly was the problem?

Working in the sun all day?
Drinking a couple beers for supper?
Going somewhere after drinking a couple beers?
Attempting to gather a swarm after drinking a couple beers?
Attempting to gather a swarm at dark?

Or is it a combination of all the above? Since I don't drink, I should be in good shape then, right? :D
Rule number one Never Beekeep at night!
Rule number one Never Beekeep at night!
I don't entirely agree with that. I've pulled in a few swarms in after dark without any problems. Swarms in a tree, or bees in a weird table saw looking thing with them still bearding all over the outside of the box. I don't know about the drink part either...I have drank a few beers while watching my bees from only a few feet away. My money is on body odor. Working in the sun all day? Sweaty and stinky, now I have noticed that if I have been busting my rump and drenched in sweat, I have been nailed just walking past the hives, even though I didn't disturb them. Same thing with the guy that repaired my fence, he saw me walking past them with a pair of shorts on and a tee-shirt, no issues. When he was working on the fence and getting sweaty, he got nailed. Took a break after that. Started to sweat again, got nailed again! So for the next day, anytime he started to break a sweat, he took a break and NEVER had any more hits.

You weren't drinking DARK BEER were you:eek: DARK Beer, DARK Bees in the DARK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Too many DARKS, I'll bet you drove a DARK car to the swarm:cool::doh: Drink Bud Light,,,it will be o.k.:D
Rick Fisher SoMd
Batman- I showered before going out for supper:)

Rick- Sprecher Amber and New Glarus Spotted Cow, white car:)

Countryboy- the problem-the hives I broke out in, nearly fainting, blurred vision, almost going to the ER.

CP- this was my second time too.

The swarm was pretty good-natured, only got a few stings from the ones that landed on my arm as I shook them off the branch.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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